Here you have the instructions to come to my home, according the way you are traveling 🚄 🚍 🚘 🚲 🚶 ✈ 🛧.
You will notice how I have not put my complete address here, but just a map of the area of the city where I live. You can use the point X on the map as a reference,I live less than 200 meters from there, and in that point there is an open WiFi, just in case.
I will send the exact address when a few days in advance you confirm arrival time, with a message to your phone.
I advise you to recheck the pertinent page as close as possible to your arrival to see if were changes.
Please check anyway to have my address when you are arriving ... sometime happen that for some reason is lost, so feel free to send me a sms asking to resend it ... but remember that using GPS batterie get depleted quickly, so make an hardcopy of the map.
Also I have to tell you that after 1900 the day of arrival I do not promise quick reply to email messages and SMS so communicate only with voice calls to the number that you will received via email together with my address.
At end of this page there is also a section basic house rules so when you arrive here you already know it ...

Please follow these instruction to come to my home, but avoid to ask people, since most of the times when people got lost or was very late had been because they asked someone (possibly mispronouncing the name of places) for indications and that people gave them contradictory informations.
Also DO NOT RELY on googlemaps, neither for suggestion nor for transit timetables: there are too many errors that if you travel by car are tolerable, but if you go walking or by transit they may let you lose up to 40 minutes. Actually when you do a search to my area they clearly state that pedestrian itineraries may be wrong
Walking from city center is 30 to 50 minutes according the position you are.
In case of doubt tell me the place of origin and time of departure and I will send you detailed instructions.

🚄 🚍 by bus or train