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Here you have the instructions to come to my home, according the way you are traveling 🚄 🚍 🚘 🚲 🚶 ✈ 🛧.
You will notice how I have not put my complete address here, but just a map of the area of the city where I live. You can use the point X on the map as a reference,I live less than 200 meters from there.
I will send the exact address when a few days in advance you confirm arrival time, with a message to your phone.
I advise you to recheck the pertinent page as close as possible to your arrival to see if were changes.
Please check anyway to have my address when you are arriving ... sometime happen that for some reason is lost, so feel free to send me a sms asking to resend it ... but remember that using GPS batterie get depleted quickly, so make an hardcopy of the map.
Also I have to tell you that after 1900 the day of arrival I do not promise quick reply to email messages and SMS so communicate only with voice calls to the number that you will received via email together with my address.
At end of this page there is also a section basic house rules so when you arrive here you already know it ...

Please follow these instruction to come to my home, but avoid to ask people, since most of the times when people got lost or was very late had been because they asked someone (possibly mispronouncing the name of places) for indications and that people gave them contradictory informations.
Also DO NOT RELY on googlemaps, neither for suggestion nor for transit timetables: there are too many errors that if you travel by car are tolerable, but if you go walking or by transit they may let you lose up to 40 minutes, if not more.
Walking from city center is 30 to 50 minutes according the position you are.
In case of doubt tell me the place of origin and time of departure and I will send you detailed instructions.

🚄 🚍 🛧 by train, bus or plane

🚘 with your car (or motorcycle)

🚲 by bicycle

🚶 walking


Map from bus stops to my home

the house rules

These are some house rules, that guests should follow, to avoid inconveniences. I try to put here in order of appearance:
  • Doorbell: there is my name on the doorbell, ring it and wait 40 seconds for an answer. In case you do not get a reply it is possible I be out for a few minutes, maybe just taking out garbage, in that case go to the benches that are in the middle of the park in front of the house and call me on the phone, so I can immediately come to meet you. Never wait, expecially if with luggages, in front of the door, nor enter if someone else open the main door. (please do not call me asking "what is the apartment number?" since that number is not on the doorbell, just the name, here !
  • Shoes: there is no shoe code in the house, so you can choose to keep or remove shoes. Howewer there is a standard consuetude that if you get off the shoes you will store it in the balcony outside your room. So if you are used to take off shoes wait to do it until I have introduced to your room.
  • Wifi: there is wifi in the house. The instruction to use it are in a sheet hung in each room.
  • Fridge and laundry: Space in the fridge is limited. In case you have something to put in the fridge please "book" the space telling exactly what you need to put and its size. tell this not last minute but when you send the confirmation SMS. The same terms apply in case you need to make laundry (in this latter case, in case you need a full load a contribute is welcome).
    Do not forget that food in the fridge and towels driyng are the most common left items.
  • Breakfast: Breakfast in Italy, differently than other meals, is not a so honoured one, so in general is up to you. I can provide allthat is necessary to prepare tea or coffee, some cookies but not much more. If you want to prepare something for yourself arrange use of kitchen at least 24 hours in advance. Breakfast in any case must finish before 0900.
  • After eating: After dinner please DO NOT take dirty plates, glasses and cutlery out of the table unless I explicitly tell you to do it; since these items have to be stacked in a certain way in the dishwasher better that only I do it, if you did it in the wrong way it is three times work for me.
  • Shower and bathroom: no shower between 0730 and 1200, neither 2015 to 2200, so if you are a not-so-early-morning showerer try to adjust to this rule or ask me in advance if an exception could be made.
  • Leaving: greeting is usually welcome but please if you leave early before I have got up, do not knock my door to say goodbie!
  • Gifts: if you are the guests that likes to give a gift to you host please avoid to take: valuable items (it is against the free hospitality); perisheable ones (nothing with a residual shelf life less than 6 months); things that you have bought locally (if I wanted it I woud have already bought); bulk items (if I occupy the space with bulk items, would remain less space for my guests);
    Wine:In some places it is a common custom to take a bottle af wine for dinner. Please avoid to do this at my home: Every meal has a specific kind of drink to pair. Who cooks chooses also the drink, so 96% of cases the bottle carried is just stored away.