[updated 2018-11-28]
my address: well ... i will not tell you.
... at least not now.
Most of the days, at the time I ask guests to arrive, I could be in one of three other places; these places are all within three minutes from my home, so in case I need to go there I may call the arriving guest and tell them either to meet in that place, or just when arriving at a place 500 meter from my home call me so I can go back home just in time.
To accomplish this of course the guest must have a working phone.
Unfortunately sometimes I have had guests that did something that annoyed me and the other guests: that is, they deliberately gave me a phone number of some other people, so when I called them to ask why they were late replied a person that could speak only chinese, some 90 yr old ladies, and so on (including in one case someone living 8 timezones east), or gave me a phone that effectively was their one, but had not active roaming on the day they arrive in Firenze or was out of credit, leaving me and other guests unable to know if wait or start cooking, or forcing me to go back home to wait for them at arranged time, leaving another job, and then waiting sometimes for more than 40 minutes.
In october 2014 this happened two days in a row, so I came to a decisone to give my address in two parts.
One, the most significant is described here, until point "X", at junction of via del Guarlone and Via della Loggetta: that one is a point very close to my home; the second part, the real address, that is less than 200 meters from that place, will be told you by phone: I will call you at random time some hours before arrival to the number from which you will have sent me the confirmation SMS [my phone number is in the signature of all my email messages] or called me.
Please no excuses telling that someone stole your phone the day before. A phone complete with a sim can be got for less than 25 EUR !
So for now print the map (landscape and complete) and these istruction, and answer my call when I will give you the last indication. Times and location of bus stops are the ones in effect on 28 november 2017.

Please check anyway to have my address when you are arriving ... sometime happen that for some reason is lost, so feel free to send me a sms asking to resend it ... but remember that using GPS batterie get depleted quickly, so make an hardcopy of the map.
Also I have to tell you that after 1900 the day of arrival I do not promise quick reply to email messages and SMS so communicate only with voice calls.
At end of this page there is also a section house rules so when you arrive here are ready and could be more helpful.

Please follow these instruction (updated 28 november 2017) to come to my home and avoid to ask people, since most of times when people got lost or was very late had been because they asked someone (possibly mispronouncing the name of places) for indications and that people gave them contradictory informations.
Please do NOT rely on googlemaps: there are some errors that if you travel by car are tolerable, but if you go walking they may let you lose up to 40 minutes.
Walking from city center is 30 to 50 minutes according the position you are. I know that bus service is shitty, and I have advised you.
Arriving late due to a wrong map or a wrong information or because you got the wrong bus or the bus was late is never an acceptable excuse.
in short: I recommend to walk or, if lazy, use the train.
In case of doubt tell me the place of origin and time of departure and I will send you detailed instructions.

Due to road works in the city from 27/11 expected to last until march 2018 bus services can in certain days be subject to delays up to 25 minutes in direction east (to my house) and 20 minutes in direction west (to the center). Please take this in account when planning or choosing to wake up/get train/get bus/come back home. Also are often in effect temporary changes in the position of bus stop. better you consult this document a few hours before arrival to see if there are updates.

From SMN station:

  • Bus 14 or 14A: exit from the exit on side of track 16, cross the road and in front of burgerking you will find the stop "Stazione-Adua" where there are lines 6 11 14 and 17. see HERE for a map
    It is important that you get 14 [direction RIPA] or 14A [direction GIRONE], not 14B, 14C or 14CB that go in the other directions, and leave from a different nearby stop! even if it passes in front of you
    Get bus 14 (direction Ripa) or 14A (direction Girone) until the bus stop Aretina-Varlungo (about 24 minutes trip). Bus 14/14A runs until around 1AM and between 19 and 20 is every 6½ minutes. warning: Aretina-Varlungo is the stop after Aretina3-Monzani and Casaccia: these three stops are extremely close, so often there is not the time for the announcement for the second or the third one if bus call at all the three (past Aretina03-Monzani after the roundabout wait 90 meters, if the bus has not made Casaccia, ask for the stop at that point).
    After getting off at Varlungo01 cross the road on the pedestrian crossing and in front of you should see a pedestrian underpass going under the railway, get it and at northern exit turn right and follow the road, after the light at crossing cross the road on pedestrian crossing then turn right (in this moment you should be on the bicyclelane on left of the road) until first crossing, where you turn left into via della Loggetta, walk to the end where there is a shrine and a big cypress. That one is point X marked on the map. the other minute necessary to arrive at my home will be told by phone.
    In case you miss the stop and arrive at Aretina07 or Aretina09 please remain in the bus and get off only at "RIPA", from there go ahead, cross the road and go ahead north to the railway station of rovezzano, cross the track and follow the instruction below to come from there.
  • In case the first bus that passes is not a 14 but a 6, 11 or 17 get it anyway, since at worst it can take you to piazza san Marco where you can wait 14/14A but also get 20, also call me imemdiately that is possible that I decide that is bettere you remain in that bus and i will come to pick you at a stop i will tell you in real time.
  • Train at 1522 1622 1735X⚒(mon-sat) 1822Ⓒ(Sat-Sun only) 1922 1950X⚒(mon-sat, change at CdM) 2022 2122 2208Ⓑ(xSa) 2318 from SMN direction arezzo[chiusi], get off at the 2nd stop Firenze Rovezzano after 9 minutes.
    exit from side of track 4, at the exit on your left (NW) there is field with a well marked footpath going toward the road (it looks to go in a bush, but follow it). when on the road turn left (you should have the bicicle lane on the other side of the road, on your right). At first crossing turn right into via della Loggetta and follow same indication as for line 14. In case on monday to friday you miss for one minute or two the train at 2022 rush to the other side of station to catch the train 23461 direction Pisa at 2028, get off at Rifredi at 2033 and there get train 11809 at 2040 direction montevarchi to get off at rovezzano at 2052 (quicker this circuitous route than getting the direct bus)
  • From bus terminals:

    Bus for regional services [except services from Prato, Pistoia, Lucca, Pisa and Palazzuolo] and Eurolines [but not all services] call at main bus station in via santa Caterina. Exit from there from main entrance, turn left, enter in SMN rail station and follow indications as for arriving by train (at T1 terminal where you cross via alamanni there is a ticket vending machine, get ticket there). There is a stop of 14 and 17 also a few meters on the left.
    Buses from Pisa call just outside train station, do the same.
    Buses from Lucca/Pistoia/Prato/Palazzuolo call on largo Alinari, go toward the station; do not enter but half way the crossing you should find the bus 6/11/14/17 stop "stazione-arrivi"
    Most long distance buses call in piazzale Montelungo. From there the easier way is getting the ramp going into train station and follow the indications from SMN station. An alternative is getting from there bus 4 until piazza San marco and there follow the indications "from the center"
    From 12 june 2017 some lines of bus could change their terminal and the timetable to call at the new terminal at Scandicci. In case it is one of them you must get T1 from there to Via Alamanni (every 5 minutes, travel time 23 minutes)

    From the city center

    if you are on the west part go to SMN station, if north or in the middle go to piazza san Marco, if on eastern part better going to viale Giovine Italia):
  • 20 in piazza san Marco (side opposite to the church, stop "Piazza di San Marco"), until terminal COMPARETTI (travel time 19 min) [last one at 2133, later there is 20L that does not come here], when you arrive at Comparetti terminal turn left (red line) into via della chimera, along the bicycle lane, for about 80 m then turn left in via della Loggetta, as said before for line 14 from station.
  • 14 [direction RIPA] or 14A [direction GIRONE] from the same stop as bus 20, Piazza di San MArco, until stop Varlungo 01 (travel time normally 18 min).
  • From the eastern part of center (near piazza santa croce)
  • get bus 14/14A from viale Giovine Italia just north of via Ghibellina
  • From Rifredi station

    if you arrive from Pisa, Lucca, Prato, Siena change here, if you arrive in the 25 minutes before these trains, else continue to SMN
  • Train at 1640Ⓐ, 1850Ⓐ or 2040Ⓐ (these on monday to friday only ) direction Montevarchi or 1952⚒ (this one monday to saturday) direction Arezzo, Rovezzano is the third stop (travel time about 12 min)
  • bus 20 just outside main exit, on the right, some meter after the railway ticket office, until end of line (travel time about 39 min, tickets at newstand just at the exit from underpass).
  • From Campo Marte Station

  • trains at 1726†   1741X⚒   1828Ⓒ  1902Ⓐ   1928   2001X⚒   2028   2050Ⓐ   2128   2214Ⓑ   2324 until next stop Rovezzano (about 2 minutes. be ready!)
  • bus 20 to Comparetti at bus stop "gennarelli". from the tracks get the pedestrian overpass, turning left (north) until the first stair going down on the right side, at bottom of that stair, 7 meters on the right, there is bus stop "gennarelli". from there is about 6 minutes by bus to "comparetti".
  • From piazzale Michelangelo

  • get bus 12 until "Amendola", it is the first stop after crossing the river. then walk further about 20 meters until via Arnolfo, turn right on the same sidewalk and after 80 meters there is bus stop "arnolfo" where you may get bus 14 or 14A (about 10 minutes by bus to varlungo01)
  • WARNING bus ticket must be bought at newsstand or tobacconist, get more ticket, also for the next day, a ticket costs 1.20€ and is valid for 90 minutes both on bus and trains, there is NO convenience to buy passes. There are also vending machine at piazza san marco near the bus stop of 14/14A/20, via Alamanni at T1 terminal and on the east side of piazza stazione, on the island between the two lanes across the exit from station on side of track 16 (a few meter on left from the pedestrian crossing exiting from station).
    If you have just arrived by a regional train, ticket to Firenze is still valid for a train (NO bus) passage until Rovezzano, so no need to hurry for a new ticket - this is a reason why i ask you to know which train you will get [to tell you whether last leg is included or not]). Map from bus stops to my home

    the house rules

    These are some house rules, that guests should follow, to avoid inconveniences. I try to put here in order of appearance:
  • Doorbell: there is my name on the doorbell, ring it and wait 40 seconds for an answer. In case you do not get a reply it is possible I be out for a few minutes, in that case go to the benches that are in the middle of the park in front of the house and call me on the phone, so I can immediately come to meet you. Never wait, expecially if with luggages, in front of the door, nor enter if someone else open the main door. (please do not call me asking "what is the apartment number?" since that nubere is not on the doorbell, just the name, here !
  • Shoes: there is no shoe code in the house, so you can choose to keep or remove shoes. Howewer there is a standard consuetude that if you get off the shoes you will store it in the balcony outside your room. So if you are used to take off shoes wait to do it until I have introduced to your room.
  • Wifi: there is wifi in the house. The instruction to use it are in a sheet hung in each room.
  • Fridge and laundry: Space in the fridge is limited. In case you have something to put in the fridge please "book" the space telling exactly what you need to put and its size. tell this not last minute but when you send the confirmation SMS. The same terms apply in case you need to make laundry (in this latter case, in case you need a full load a contribute is welcome).
    Do not forget that food in the fridge and towels driyng are the most common left items.
  • After eating: After dinner please DO NOT take dirty plates, glasses and cutlery out of the table unless I explicitly tell you to do it; since these items have to be stacked in a certain way in the dishwasher better that only I do it, if you did it in the wrong way it is three times work for me.
  • Shower and bathroom: no shower between 0700 and 1200, so if you are a morning showerer try to adjust to this rule.
  • Printer and Computer: The printer for computer not always is properly working, so please do not assume that is always available. If you really need to print something (max 2 pages per guest) better send me the pdf file at least 48 hours before the time you need it so I can find a way to print it. In the living room there is a small computer that is available on request to guests.
  • Leaving: greeting is usually welcome but please if you leave early before I have got up, do not knock my door to say goodbie!
  • Gifts: if you are the guests that likes to give a gift to you host please avoid to take: valuable items (it is against the free hospitality); perisheable ones (nothing with a residual shelf life less than 6 months); things that you have bought locally (if I wanted it I woud have already bought); bulk items (if I occupy the space with bulk items, would remain less space for my guests);
    Wine:In some places it is a common custom to take a bottle af wine for dinner. Please avoid to do this at my home: Every meal has a specific kind of drink to pair. Who cooks chooses also the drink, so 96% of cases the bottle carried is just stored away.