my address: well ... i will not tell you.
... at least not now. (unless you already know it)
Most of the days, at the time I ask guests to arrive, I could be in one of three other places; these places are all within three minutes from my home, so in case I need to go there I may call the arriving guest and tell them either to meet in that place, or just when arriving at a place 500 meter from my home call me so I can go back home just in time.
To accomplish this of course the guest must have a working phone.
Unfortunately sometimes I have had guests that did something that annoyed me and the other guests: that is, they deliberately gave me a phone number of some other people, so when I called them to ask why they were late replied a person that could speak only chinese, some 90 yr old ladies, and so on (including in one case someone living 8 timezones east), or gave me a phone that effectively was their one, but had not active roaming on the day they arrive in Firenze or was out of credit, leaving me and other guests unable to know if wait or start cooking, or forcing me to go back home to wait for them at arranged time, leaving another job, and then waiting sometimes for more than 40 minutes.
In october 2014 this happened two days in a row, so I came to a decisone to give my address in two parts.
One, the most significant is described here, until point "X", at junction of via del Guarlone and Via della Loggetta: that one is a point very close to my home; the second part, the real address, that is less than 200 meters from that place, will be told you by phone, i will call you at random time some hours before arrival to the number from whom you will have sent me the confirmation SMS [my phone number is in the signature of all email messages] or called me. Please no excuses telling that someone stole your phone the day before. A phone with a sim can be get for less than 25 EUR !
So for now print the map (landscape and complete) and these istruction, and answer my call when I will give you the last indication.
Please check anyway to have my address when you are arriving ... sometime happen that for some reason is lost, so feel free to send me a sms asking to resend it ... but remember that using GPS batterie get depleted quickly, so make an hardcopy of the map.
Also I have to tell you that after 1900 the day of arrival I do not promise quick reply to email messages and SMS so ask only with voice calls, and when arriving ring directly the doorbell.
I have had many people that arrived late, up to 2 hours, since they asked people the way to come here, and due to miscommunication or ignorance of the people asked, get rerouted throu much longer itineraries
If you are late due a wrong information it will be due to YOUR fault.
Same if you do not answer my phone call in case I am going to suggest an alternate route in case I got aware of last minute diversion, or traffic problem. Feel free to call me (voice) if you are even just a bit lost.

From the center of the city:

  • From piazza del Duomo follow via dell'Oriolo, then via Pietrapiana and Borgo la Croce, piazza Beccaria, via Gioberti, via Aretina until Varlungo, then get the underpass of the railway and turn rigt until via della Loggetta, until the point X at junction with via del Guarlone.
  • from piazzale Michelangelo Go down along viale Michelangelo, cross the river, turn right and follow the river upstream on right bank until largo Folon, there turn left in via della Casaccia, pass under the railway and after the railway the second right is via del Guarlone.
  • from SMN station: go to piazza del duomo and there follow the indication from there.
  • from piazza Signoria go to the river at other end of piazzale degli Uffizi and follow it upstream until largo Folon, then follow the indication in the previous alinea.
  • from rail station of Campo di Marte: exit from main entrance, turn left into via Mannelli, until end , after passing under the overpass turn right and follow via Lorenzo di Credi until piazza Alberti, keep left and follow via Aretina until Varlungo. click here to insert in navigator

    Map of area near my home