🤗 Be Welcome in Firenze

When can I host you ? How much time can I host you ? How to improve your chances to be my guest ? What if we are a large (>4) group ? (or a family) What can I offer ? What I ask you ? To get a quicker reply and last minute requests... Some things you must know ...

special notices for winter 2022
very often some spam filter send in the spam folder my replies, so if within a few hours you have not received my reply, better you look in the spam folder.
If you are so strict not to accept my email in your mailbox how can I be accepting you in person in my home?

In this period I rarely have any non-movable errand or task, so usually I should be able to receive you at the time more convenient for you.
This however is true only if you send me your request at least four days in advance, since for last minute it is possible I had already plans to go out early in the morning or come back after 20 or on the other way be unable to delay dinner.
In particular requests for arrival on tuesday and wednesday must be made not later than previous sunday.
On some days you will see a hourglass symbol with a date nearby: it means that I have unconfirmed plans for that days that could lead me far from home so until the specified date cannot give a firm confirm; on the other way dates more than 4 weeks away could not appear, feel free to ask but do not expect to have immediate confirm for such dates.
About last minute requests: If you ask for staying here less than 4 days in advance I expect you are ready to answer to my answer quickly. After 4 hours from my reply without acknowledgement I will assume you changed your plans and would not reserve space. If request is for the same day this limit is just one hour.
I expect to have dinner together (cooking alternatively) every evening, if you stay more than one evening and you do not expect to have your day of cooking, look for another kind of accommodation. it is not fair to have to remain home alone just to wait someone spending the night out, when you could have other options if you stay 3 or 4 night you may choose to stay one evening out (as long you are back before 0035 and you tell me at least 4 days in advance).
In this period it will not be planned in advance many vegetarian friendly day: you will be free to cook what you prefer the day it will be your turn but the other days leave complete freedom to the one[s] that will have their cooking turn; not eating what has been prepared for you is considered rude both for the cook and for the host; asking someone to cook something different that what had expected to cook is easily leading to get unhealty meals.
in particular until 25/2/2023 cannot be accepted requests to avoid one or more of following ingredients:
Onions, potatoes, wheat, rice; pork, chicken; butter, cheese; eggs

If you are a group of 4 or more -up to 7- please read first here, if in the day you arrive do not appear enough free places

Due to maintenance works scattered all around in the area of the province of Firenze public transportation in this area is less reliable than usual. For this reason, unless you are using your own mean of transportation for all the way to Firenze, the exact travel plan to arrive here will be a major point on the decision to accept you or another group and could not only lead in some cases to accept you only "conditionally" that is confirming only a few days in advance when transit situation for the service you chose is more clear, and I can know if a possible delay would harm or not, but also will lead to restart the process of acceptance in case you change one or more of the details of arrival trip.

my e-mail address for contacts: leo5ucc@trail.it

If you arrived here it is because you wanted to come in my home.
We say "patti chiari amicizia lunga" (clear pacts, long lasting friendship), so read carefully:

When can I host you ? home

The dates for which I can take in account requests at this time are:

  • On 2023-01-29 I can host 3 people, maybe too late!
  • On 2023-01-30 I can host 3 people,
  • On 2023-01-31 I can host 5 people, ,🌙
  • On 2023-02-01 I can host 5 people, 🌙
  • On 2023-02-02 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-03 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-04 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-05 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-06 I can host 3 people,
  • On 2023-02-07 I can host 3 people, 🌙
  • On 2023-02-08 I can host 5 people, 🌙
  • On 2023-02-09 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-10 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-11 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-12 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-13 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-14 I can host 5 people, ,🌙
  • On 2023-02-15 I can host 5 people, 🌙
  • On 2023-02-16 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-17 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-18 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-19 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-20 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-21 I can host 5 people, ,🌙
  • On 2023-02-22 I can host 5 people, ^🌙
  • On 2023-02-23 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-24 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-25 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-26 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-27 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-02-28 I can host 5 people, ,🌙
  • On 2023-03-01 I can host 5 people, 🌙
  • On 2023-03-02 I can host 5 people,
  • On 2023-03-03 I can host 5 people,

  • If you see changing the availability after I have sent you an e-mail reply it does not mean that I cannot longer host you, but just that I set aside for you the space!
  • In the days marked with for different reasons I cannot accept new people arriving at my home exactly on that days while place is still available for people that were here since at least the previous day (so you may freely ask even these days as a final or intermediate days of your stay).
  • Unless differently stated, if after my reply I won't receive a reply from you within a reasonable time (two days if request is more than 3 weeks away, one day if more than 5 days, 8 hours if it is less than 5 days, two hours if your arrival were within 26 hours), I will not keep longer on hold the place for you.
  • When I say that I want a phone number I want to say that I want to have a globally reacheable phone number, so a number that can be dialed by any public service and route the call to you cellphone that have to be active. Actually I will send you all details to arrive at my home within 300 meters at the time you send the request so you know exacly how much time you need to the various points of interest, and print the maps and timetables in advance (or you may read here :-)), but I will give my complete address only by calling you at that number a couple hours before arrival, once -three days before arrival- I will have received a call from you, to confirm that phone is working and numbers are correct.
  • 🌙: This note means that on that evening I could be home as late as 2125 and dinner will be at 2145
  • The dates shown above are the ones opened to everyone for which I may confirm hospitality at the time you read it.
    However to give opportunity to bigger groups to found an accomodation together, since I am one of the very few hosts in Firenze able to host 5 or more people, such larger groups may ask and have confirm also for further dates until a reasonable future.
    Also, irrespectively of what is written in the calendar, one day stays are subject to final confirm only at a maximum of two weeks in advance, often less.

  • my e-mail address for contacts: leo5ucc@trail.it

    How much time can I host you ?

    Preferred stay is 2 to 4 nights, but I can make exceptions, just ask.

    How can you improve the chances to be my guest ? home

    Normally I will confirm once we have had an e-mail exchange and all personal informations; according the period of the year I may have one to four rooms available for guests.
    Only two have single beds. So, if you are more than one person, when requesting, tell me if you prefer single or double beds. If you say that is just a preference for single or double, but not a constraint, this would help a lot.
    In case you ask only single beds, tell me if you accept to share the big room, that has three single beds, with other guests.

    In your request please state clearly the exact date (and where possibe approximate time and mean of transportation used) you expect to arrive, and also date and time when you plan to leave.
    Include also a list with the complete names and e-mail of all the people in your party, as well at least one working GSM phone number that I can use to call you while arriving and. -very important- an indication if some of you have dietary constraints.
    I will consider the request complete only when I will have all these informations

    "dates are flexible" does mean that in case I had no availability in the day[s] you ask, rather than declining, I may offer you an option to shift dates, not that you reserve you the right to change dates last minute!.
    Once accepted, the dates become fixed.

    I expect that, unless differently specified, that you reply after my confirm message no later than 2 days, if arrival date is more than 2 week apart, 24 hours in the other cases but within 3 hours if request were sent less than 48 hours before arrival (keep phone on, if last minute I may directly call you)

    Note that if you ask to change the dates after I have confirmed, not necessarily means that you will still be accepted.

    What if we are a large group (or a family)? home

    I can host even groups of 5 or more people, up to 9: since I am one of the few ones in my town that is able to host such a large group, to give them more chances I may also accept requests for dates more than 5 weeks ahead, up to a reasonable future. For groups of 4-7 people I can carve out two more places when availability if the calendar says 3 or more, and up to four if it says 5.
    For last minute requests: I cannot accept same day requests from groups of 5 or more; smaller ones can try also last minute
    (but see notes on availability after the general availability calendar at beginning).
    Note about families: a family is defined a group when there is at least one person and at least one of its parents. Except certain "family friendly" periods (currently not yet scheduled) I will host families only if at least one of following conditions is true: a. at least one of the person among parents or kids has been my guest before, or I have been their guest; b. at least one of the parents and at least one of their kids has (proved by references) had at least one experience as a guest (not by the same person) somewhere out of their home country.

    What can I offer ? home

  • I am in east part of town, about 20 minutes by transit to the center (or 4 km walking or cycling)
    click here to visualize a map of the area
  • Breakfast is at 740(MWF)/845(ThSS), dinner usually around 2115
  • In Italy communal meal with guest is an institution, and many people come to my house for the "kitchen sharing" so your host will expect guests to share at least one main meal together, the day they arrive, two if they stay more than 2 night.
    More details on meal sharing HERE
  • In general omnivore diet. There are every month some vegetarian friendly days, listed in the general availability calendar, when vegetarian people may ask to have vegetarian food, while in all the other days who will cook has the right to decide what to cook.
    Since if you are vegetarian often the number of vegetarian friendly days are in certain months too few, I can give you some extra days, as long you arrive on tuesday, wednesday friday or saturday before 1845, in a day when there are no other guest (usully when on that day are marked 5 available places, 7 on june-september) and it is not a last minute (less than 3 days in advance) request.
    Read the specific page for more informations!
    Please remember that in Italy Ā«vegetarianĀ» is one that anyway eat eggs and cheese and drink wine and beer, but do not eat any kind of meat, including seafood.
  • House policy says that when there is no people of the family, even the guests are out. If I want not to be late at work, I have to exit from home at 7:15 on Tuesday and sometimes Friday, at 845 the other days and unless there is a prearranged plan, won't be home before 1940.
  • Free internet access.
  • If you have bicycles you can use my garage. -->

    What i am asking you ? home

    Some people complained that i had too many rules: I wrote the rules here, so you can decide if they are reasonable for you and then send me a request or not:

    to get a quicker reply - Last minute requests home

    When you send a request or reply to a last minute invitation, to be sure to get a quick reply always send an email to the address that appear at beginning of this page, specifying there your username and adding the e-mail addresses of all other travelmates, and expecially your cell phone number, caring that my reply could arrive from a different email address, or a different phone number, so check that you accidentally (or voluntarily) had not set your spam filter to ignore messages, or your phone not to ring from unknows callers.
    When you send arrival and leaving dates, unless differently written, I assume that you arrive at my home between 1950 and 2020 on the arrival day, and leave between 0700 and 0830 on departure date (too many people set as end day the last night, so actually end requesting a day less than they expect).

    If you send a request very close to arrival date remember to give answers, in your request, to the questions about the kind of bed that you prefer, the time you plan to arrive and leave and if you have food intolerances. This would help to know immediately if there are problem or on the other side accept immediately.

    I will try to reply to your request in the shortest time possible, but since often I receive more requests than I can accommodate (Firenze has a lot of people coming ...) I have to ask also you to be quick in replying, so to be helpful to as many people is possible.
    So, if it is a request more than 8 days in advance, I can wait for your reply even 24 hours, but if you require a couch in short advance I ask you to reply within a few hours, in general I will wait one eight of the time remaining to your arrival (1 to 6AM is neutralized).
    If I will not receive an answer within that time and have other requests I will consider it as cancelled.
    If you expect not to have internet access for some time please post in your message a note about when you will be able to read the message.
    If I think we need a quicker turnaround in replies, I will send you a SMS or will call you in voice, so please keep the phone on: sometimes I need some immediate clarification, or I had problem replying by e-mail.

    I am not picky if any person in the group does not have a personal profile, if the person that makes the request has an adequate hospitaly exchange experience, But I ask as a minimum that the person that makes the request indicate name, gender, age, place of origin and languages spoken, beside a personal contact [email address], for each one in the group.
    In particular I ask that all the people in the group share a common language with me. I can make an exception just if there is just 1 person not sharing my, or the other guests', languages.

    If you are one of the people that do not want to have a cellphone, or do not want to give to other people their personal number you can buy a SIM just for the trip!, otherwise I will be usually unable to host you, expecially on last minute or when you cannot adjust your arrival time to my movements. If there is more then one group for dinner not knowing where they are when they are late is not nice.

    Some things you should know (even if you do not come at my home). home

    When planning a visit to Firenze remember these things:
    Some bus operators sell tickets to Firenze offering three different stations: Piazzale Montelungo, GuidoniT2 and Villa Costanza. While Piazzale Montelungo is in the center, adjacent to SMN station, Villa Costanza is NOT in Firenze, but in Scandicci at 8 km SW from city center. There is between 0430 and 2345 a direct tram line to Firenze center, but this takes at least 25 minutes (plus time to buy tickets and wait departure). (and I live 4 km E of city center) GuidoniT2 is still in the city but distance (in time) is more or less the same than villa Costanza.
    If you expect to arrive from Bologna and Venezia or go to such cities after Firenze know that on sunday afternoon and often on friday it is extremely common that expecially train services to/from that direction be sold-out. I recommend to buy such tickets at least 3 days in advance to avoid surprises.

    On public holydays (in 2023 they are 11/4 25/4 1/5 2/6 15/8 1/11 8/12 25/12 26/12) all public transit services start at 0600 (while on weekdays at 510, 520 on saturday and 532 on sunday), so take it in account if you have a long distance services leaving from a distant terminal early in the morning. About museums: check always the opening days on their site.
    I remind that if you plan to visit Uffizi, the same ticket is valid also for a subsequent visit in the next 48 hours to Museo Archeologico and Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Uffizi must be the first visit - mind that Uffizi is closed on monday and opificio pietre dure on sunday). You may buy also a combined ticket including also palazzo pitti and boboli, but in any case uffizi MUST be the first visit.
    tha same option is available for visiting Giardino Bardini after Boboli (on the same day)
    People age 18 to 24 (citizen of EU plus ch,li,no,is,uy) pay 2 euro for each entrance (this fare is valid also for Bargello and San Marco).